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Diabetes and Eye Health

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Diabetes is a major cause of many eye problems. Additionally, those with diabetes have a high risk of going blind, in comparison to those without diabetes. However, it is possible for patients to preserve their vision and eye health.  If you have diabetes, it is very important...

Diabetes and the Eyes

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Regular visits to an ophthalmologist are highly recommended for those who have diabetes. High levels of blood sugar increases the risk of various eye and vision related problems. In reality, high blood sugar is the main cause of blindness in diabetic adults between the ages 20 –...

How Glaucoma is Diagnosed

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  Glaucoma is a type of eye disease where the pressure within the eye is greatly increased. The high pressure results in a buildup of fluid within the eye and over time, lead to a damaged optic nerve. As it is evident, glaucoma is a serious condition and is best treated...